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macto is a sales and marketing company with expertise in the area of structuring sales and marketing products and services via export and import with access to international entities and services providers, incorporated in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE. 

macto is capable to support and assist organisations through utilisation of knowledge, resources and access to markets in order to identify potential customers and markets for possible selling of commodities and other goods.

We welcome partners or joint ventures that seeks exporting or importing commodities, structuring sales, developing marketing strategies of commodities such as; gum Arabic, leather, oilseeds, livestock, etc.

Our intent is to set out a framework of co-operation in

Promoting goods in the Middle East and internationally.

Develop models and structure to allow access to a large number of buyers or sellers.

Develop financing structures that would help on an effective access to capital.

Understanding and identifying the applicable procedures and obligations in regards to the development, operation and maintenance of the potential market or goods.

We will attempt our best endeavours to develop and formalise relationships and agree on an appropriate business model that works for both Parties.

We believe combining technology, relationship capital, right financing instrument, and knowledge of market yields the greatest results.

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